In this era of globalization and continuous quest for excellence and quality, we believe in the pursuit of creating a curriculum rich in content, diverse in approach, flexible in methods and democratic in nature. The education that we impart will empower the students to meet all the globe challenges. Give them a mindset to think out of the box. Encourage them to question, to discuss, to discover and just not to answer the question. As God’s creation each one of us is unique so the student gets the ‘Freedom’ of education to find his own capabilities, we set the stage to help them to achieve their ‘goals’. In this very specially designed curriculum all the subjects have been given equal importance and the best faculty to facilitate them.

4Children are the bundles of joy they are like molding clay that can be easily shaped into what we expect them to become. Nowadays competitions are more, so it becomes our responsibility to groom them in a manner that helps in facing the challenges that pop up in their life.

The curriculum of the Foster Public School is a very important part of the learning process in an early age because as per the doctors by the age of 5years, 90% of the brain is developed. So for shaping the future of the child in a positive manner a good school curriculum is important as well, so that by the time kid enters the preschool he has the understanding of things that will be added to their syllabus. Healthy growth and development of a toddler is possible with natural learning techniques. Every child is unique and thus their learning pace varies from the other, so it is important that the every child is taught in their own individual pace.

You can notice positive changes and development in a child, when the school curriculum includes important aspects that deal positively with emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and social. They must also equally comprises of creative development, social development, refinement of the senses, personality development, understanding life, care of self and environment along with the gross motor development. All these activities encourage children to experiment, discover, reason, solve problems, interact, express and apply simple logics on the basis of what they understand and learn with us.  For an ideal learning environment schools must come up with a curriculum that is fun, attractive and entertaining at the same time.


Teaching Technique

Teachers are the main pillar of the responsible & progressive society. They pass on knowledge & value to children to prepare them for future education. Our teachers are academically qualified, professionally trained in early childhood care & education. They know all the shades of child development & facilities child based learning by making their lesson plan & learning goals in sync with them.

Our teachers have love and passion to be with children, something that no amount of training can instill. Apart from having this very methods, innovations and early childhood development. They are capable of pre –empting your child’s needs guiding your child along the process of discovery and learning without ever being obstructive.

Our teachers respect the uniqueness in every child & every child important for them the focus is equal on all the children. Our Teacher & Staff are guided by one principle:

“Love Them, Own Them & Then Make Them Learn”




Teacher’s Training


In order to maintain International Standard & Uniform Teaching System in all Foster Public Schools, we organize regular Teachers Training & Curriculum Orientation Training.

We at Foster Public School believe that quality is journey not the destination. To maintain the quality & exercise good practices in Schools, there should be the regular training & develop process.

As per international standard of pre – schooling, below 24 skills need to develop in Schools, which insures continual academic growth:


  • Auditory Discrimination Skills
  • Cause and Effect
  • Classification Skills
  • Color Recognition
  • Comparing and Contrasting
  • Following Direction
  • Dramatic Play
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Language Development
  • Large Motor Skills
  • Listening Comprehension
  • One-to-One Correspondence
  • Patterning Skills
  • Play
  • Predicting
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Self-Concept
  • Seriating Skills
  • Shape Recognition
  • Small Motor Skills
  • Social Development
  • Visual Memory Skills
  • Visual Discrimination Skills


Counselor’s Training


Counselor training is the one of the most important activity to assure the success of the franchise school. It plays an important role & helps the counselor to understand the vision, services of the company & further communicate to prospective customers. Today’s scenarios where need of the society growing day by day and it is the need of the hour that school should deliver & prove themselves on the expectations the parents. In country like India, where we are on the verse of fast growing developments, we have to synchronize ourselves as per the need of the society for sustaining as profit making business enterprises. Trainings, developments & growths are the synonyms for continual growth.

In continuation to address the need of the school, following topics need to cover for assuring the effectiveness of the training.


  • Need of the counsel training
  • What is early childhood education?
  • Importance of early childhood Education
  • Skills to be developed during pre- schooling
  • IHT Group, Foster Public School& curriculum
  • How we are different & our core competency areas.
  • Counseling tips
  • Fee structure & deliverables.
  • Role & responsibilities of the Foster Public School Counselors.
  • Feedback on effectiveness of the training.

Orientation & Marketing Training


This is the first activity organized in company Head Office. This is two full days training & mandatory for promoter; head of the school or In – Charge appointed by the promoter to lead/run the school on regular bases. During the training complete orientation to be given in contest to develop the school, infrastructure, Pre Inauguration, Marketing Planning, Recruitment process for teaching & non teaching staff, BTL, ATL advertisements activities.

In this training, trainee exposed with Pre Inauguration measure, Inauguration Procedures, School Management System, Software Training, and Significant Knowledge of Early Childhood & Child Care Education. Training also includes counseling tips & day to day operational challenges

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