Q1. What is the tenure of the contract between the Franchisee and Foster SCHOOL?

Ans. The initial tenure of the contract is between 10 – 15 years. The contract will be renewed subject to satisfactory performance by the Franchisee.


Q2. Is there any survey done of the school premises allotment of franchise?

Ans. yes, a feasibility Survey of the premises & locality of the school is done initially. Franchise is allotted only if satisfactory survey reports are generated.


Q3. What are the additional charges involved in setting up the franchise?

Ans. Apart from the franchise fee, the additional fees includes:

  1. Cost of Startup Kit, Furniture, Play Tools, Teaching Aids, Concept Planning, Initial marketing & Publicity.
  2. Costing of interiors designing

Q4. Who selects the teachers? Are there any selection criteria for teachers?

Ans. The teachers are selected by the franchisee themselves, in consultation with HO academic team. The teacher must have the requisite qualifications as per CBSE norms.


Q5. What is the Teacher-Student ratio to be maintained?

Ans. The recommended teacher student ratio varies between 1:20 or less.


Q6. Who trains the teachers?

Ans. After recruitment process, Foster SCHOOL will manage Training from our corporate office.


Q7. Who decides the fee structure?

Ans. The fee structure is decided by the top management, basis the report of the feasibility Team


Q8. Who collects the fees from the parents? How does the franchisee get the money?

Ans. The franchisee collects the fees from the parents in cash, cheque in favor of the company.


Q9. Does the franchisee need to provide meal to the children?

Ans. Foster SCHOOL has no set rules for the same. It depends on the franchisee’s planning.


Q10. What is the uniform worn by the student?

Ans. Each child gets one/two school dresses as part of the student kit.


Q11. How many children can be accommodated in 1 class?

Ans. One class can accommodate up to maximum 20 students, varying with the size of the classroom.


Q12. Is any approval required from any education board or municipal authority for running the school?

Ans. No, however a certificate may be required from the local Municipality.


Q13. Is it mandatory that franchisee should purchase teaching tools and aids from the Foster SCHOOL?

Ans. No, the franchisee is provided with the list of all materials which are required to run the school operation. Franchisee can purchase the material from outside, but get approval from our academic team. Quality & hygiene is the prime concern as per our mandate.


Q14. Does the franchisee need to own the premise?

Ans. No. The franchisee may set up school even in a leased premise. However, the lease contract should have a minimum period of 3 years.


Q15. Does Foster SCHOOL allow the franchisee to conduct other activities in the School premises after school hours?

Ans. yes, the franchisee is free to conduct any activity after school hours with prior permission of the HO.


Q16. How much time does it take for the school to become operational?

Ans. If the place is ready for possession, it takes between 30-45 days to become operational.



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