Requirement for opening the school?

Requirement for opening a K12 school is land area of minimum 2 acres, a trust/society to run the school.

Minimum Investment?

As such A k12 school ought to give various facilities to a child that consist of library , sports, Medical, Music, Language, Craft work, Dance, ICT etc. and as such we are dedicated to provide quality education with overall growth of child with focus on the field of his interest.  In order to facilitate a child with all these facilities,a school needs to be equipped with all the facilities. Minimum investment for opening a k12 school will be approx. 4 to 5 crores initially.

Total Investment over period of years?

Total investment over period of 5 years will be approximately 15-16 crores.

Who can open a k12 school?

A Trust/Society dedicated to provide quality education can open a K 12 School.

What are the legal and statutory requirements?

There are certain statutory requirements like certain NOCs’ from various Government Departments, recognition from state Government and affiliation.  Since Foster Public School is a prebuild brand that’s offering school franchise in India, we will help you in this process.

Why franchisee?

A franchisor works to make your Business a success. As a franchisor has already done the ground work for you so it’s easy to avail its services which are tailor made, proven and tested. In today’s world a school is not limited up to constructing a building, hiring teachers and running classes. It is now a challenging field where you can succeed only if you are one step ahead of the leading competitors. Foster  has done the ground work which will help you recognize your school globally. Our curriculum is based on researches done in UK/Denmark.

Our motto is to foster “true humanity” throughindividual development of attitudes, skills, knowledge, and responsibility essential to successful achievement in school and society. We actively involve parents and the community in supporting student learning and development.

How much will be my profit share?

Since our Motto is to provide you best services that too in lowest budget. We will be happy to see your business reap profits for you. We charge only 10 % royalty for our services.

What will be your investment share?

Since you will be the owner of the school, the investment is to be borne by you.

 Why to choose Foster ?

Foster ’s sole aim is to create a world class education system and have everyone participate in lifelong learning by preparing students to face challenges of the 21st century. We are running our two schools. Weare appreciated for our commitment for quality education. Since we found that we have given a sense of satisfaction to the guardians of thousands of our students, we stepped forward to pass this legacy to others as well. Our dedicated team of experts researched on the curriculum of south Korea, Japan, Denmark and UK .We are sure that through excellent development and learning opportunities for children, young people and adults shall strengthen personal development, employment and active participation in society.

Everyone shall be challenged in a learning process that develops inventiveness and pleasure in being able to improve oneself continuously.Our strategy focuses in particular on training and lifelong skills, upgrading research and innovation at the highest international level are crucial for achieving this aim. A high level of educational attainment and good opportunities for lifelong learning are among the most important pre conditions for strong competitiveness and for everyone to be able to actively participate in labour market and in society.

 How the school will get admissions?

 Foster  is so focused on its curriculum that we are sure that the admission in charge working under the guidance of experts will surely convert the enquiries in to admissions. Moreover, we will also assist the school through our marketing strategies which are designed keeping in mind the demand of the market.

How much will be return on investment (ROI)?

Expected ROI in Foster School is 200% over a period of 5 years.

What is the success guarantee?

Though nothing can be guaranteed yet we will strive to get success of 100%.

Why should I Opt for franchisee when all the expenses are to be borne by me alone?

We have already clarifies that since the business is yours, expense is to be borne by you alone. As far as we are concerned, we will work to grow your business for you. A franchisor provides you a pre prepared set of its works, Trade Marks, shares its research based ideology with you, policies and standard operating procedures (SOP). Not only this, we will also provide you hand holding support in all over operation of the school. You can expect us to work multi fold times more efficiently and enthusiastically in comparison to other well established brands.

Since you have no experience of opening k12 schools, how can I think that Opening school with you will earn me success?

Academic and marketing support has been our core competence. We are very sure that, as per our past experience, we can surely run schools successfully.

What is your marketing strategy?

We assist you in marketing to attract number of admissions. Our marketing strategies are so strong, proven, tested and innovative that we can get good admissions. We help you in organizing seminars, fate, workshops and designing of flex, banners, pamphlets etc. to promote the school to as many people as we can.

How will you convince parents that Foster will give the students what they deserve?

In this era of globalization and continuous quest for excellence and quality, we believe in the pursuit of creating a curriculum rich in content, diverse in approach, flexible in methods and democratic in nature. The education that we impart, though our curriculum, FOSTER LOSPHY, will empower the students to meet all the globe challenges. Give them a mindset to think out of the box. Encourage them to question, to discuss, to discover and just not to answer the question. As God’s creation each one of us is unique so the student gets the ‘Freedom’ of education to find his own capabilities, we set the stage to help them to achieve their ‘goals’. In this very specially designed curriculum all the subjects have been given equal importance and the best faculty to facilitate them.

It will cost me around 4 to 5 cores parents won’t pay more than 1200 fee, than what about profit?

One can’t expect of earning profits from a K12 school within initial years of its operation. It will take time in gaining growth and repute. Once it reaches that stage, you will reap all the benefits and profits.

Q1. What is the tenure of the contract between the Franchisee and Foster SCHOOL?

Ans. The initial tenure of the contract is 15 years. The contract will be renewed subject to satisfactory performance by the Franchisee.

Q2. Is there any survey done of the school premises allotment of franchise?

Ans. yes, a feasibility Survey of the premises & locality of the school is done initially. Franchise is allotted only if satisfactory survey reports are generated.

Q4. Who selects the teachers? Are there any selection criteria for teachers?

Ans. The teachers are selected by the franchisee themselves, in consultation with HO academic team. The teacher must have the requisite qualifications as per CBSE norms.

Q7. Who decides the fee structure?

Ans. The fee structure is decided by the top management, basis the report of the feasibility Team

Q8. Who collects the fees from the parents? How does the franchisee get the money?

Ans. The franchisee collects the fees from the parents in cash, cheque in favor of the company.

Q9. Does the franchisee need to provide meal to the children?

Ans. Foster SCHOOL has no set rules for the same. It depends on the franchisee’s planning.

Q10. What is the uniform worn by the student?

Ans. Each child gets one/two school dresses as part of the student kit.

Q15. Does Foster SCHOOL allow the franchisee to conduct other activities in the School premises after school hours?

Ans. yes, the franchisee is free to conduct any activity after school hours with prior permission of the HO.

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