Foster Kids Pre – School chain

Primary Level is the very first step of a Foster Kids. So, it’s important to help children get comfortable in an environment other than their home. Experts believe that 2-5 years of age is the appropriate time for a child to learn about perception, creativity, logical-thinking, counting, language-skills, social-interaction and good-behavior. This is why International Standard Curriculum provides for a number of enriching experiences encompassing story-telling, role-play, counting games, group activities, art, music, field excursions, puppet shows and sports. A thematic approach is followed where several activities are integrated around a central theme to make learning more meaningful and relevant.


2. Foster Public School

We have pan India presence. Foster public School have 2 models

– Primary School (1-5)
– Middle School (1 -8)

All over schools own estate art of infrastructure equipped with all modern teaching aids like smart class solution , audio visual course contents etc. and play tools to assure holistic growth of each child.



3. Foster International Schools

Foster International School are CBSE affiliated Sr. Sec school (1-1) spread accross the India. In our all schools , we provides interactive graphics teaching content. In addition to CCE Pattern, which is promoted by CBSE to make fast & Stress free children learning. All the schools owning estate of art infrastructure all necessary modern teaching aids, play tools & classrooms are well furnished with all teaching facilities.


FOSTER SCHOOL, established for the purpose of providing stress-free k-12 education system in India. After having set up several milestones of success in the field of IT, vocational training and soft skill ndevelopment in India through its centers all over India and overseas, IHT group endeavors to take the schooling system to the next level and emerge as Global leaders in Academic sector as well. The outlook of the Foster group is to nurture your children in a stress-free environment, unlike other conventional school. Rightfully said, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”- George Washington